About the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly

We are working to restore the Oregon Constitutional republican form of government.

We now have a working plan.

1. Assemble. ***DONE***
Per the 1st amendment and Oregon’s Article I Section 1.

2. Notify all of assembly. ***DONE***

3. Confirm acquiescence without rebuttals and respond to any rebuttals. ***DONE***

4. Form a civilian court on Oregon. ***DONE***
The civilian court activates Ex Parte Milligan which nullifies martial law

5. Form a Grand Jury. 45 Oregonians ***DONE*** Which brings a true bill

6. Form Article III Amendment VII court ***DONE***

7. Verdict without appeal in law!***Done***

8. Remedy!

Contact to join the Grand Jury: Ron Vrooman RonVrooman38@gmail.com




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