Your next step to joining Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly and doing your part to taking back our power from the corrupt de facto government, is to print out the Jural packet below, fill out properly and send in. Then familiarize yourself with the information, documents, and trials already done below. Afterwards contact us for a link to the meeting on skype.

Order of procedure for our Civilian Common Law Court of record:

  1. We Notice (notify) the de facto entities with 7, 14, and 21 days to rebut our Claims.
    They are told they must rebut our claims or they will be used as evidence for our Grand Jury.
  2. Past the above allotted time, we hold a Grand Jury. Sixteen (16 ) Grand Jury members is a minimum; 25 is ideal. We usually have lots more.
    From this we write a Presentment of the jury’s decision to the de facto. This is then sent to those noticed who ignored, defaulted and acquiesced to our Claims. May be sent to anyone afore-noticed as well as DAs, Sheriffs, et alas notification — a “heads up” as to what is transpiring with us and against them (aka transparency).
    Once Presentment/True Bill is written and presented, we hold…
    A Petite Jury Trial is called in the de jure and held — twelve (12) plus 3 alternates. We include any others with or without their bona fides who wish to be counted and put that into the record as well.
    Everything is recorded and available on our website : There you will find all of our documents with proof of service, as well.

Trials and Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly Court Documents

Contact Lists

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