The premise: All of us that have been wronged by the color of law, incorporated governance applying a tyrannical Code upon us! All of us know this to be true. I am speaking to a remedy for you, as one of us, the general public the public at large comprised of men and women with their progenyContinue reading “WHATFINGER 7 FOR THE WEEK OF MONDAY, 27 MARCH 2023”

Returning to a You folks out there may recognize the thought. The last lawful act in our law system was when South Carolina withdrew, seceded from the Union. Which,is identified at that time, on the Confederation and perpetual Union’s articles. We are styled The United States of America, that is it! Anything else is notContinue reading

ORSJA Call to action!

We are of the land, and therefore are not beholden to your Maritime Law/Courts/”Sham” Hearings and the ridiculous Oregon Revised Statutes put in place to deny Oregonians any semblance of justice and to avoid adherence to the U.S. and State of Oregon Constitution. You are operating under the ‘color of law’. Greetings,We’ve been busy! DaveContinue reading “ORSJA Call to action!”

Birth Certificate Unknown Contract

Sovereigns’ researchers say, the government has pledged its citizenry as collateral, by selling their future earning capabilities to foreign investors, effectively enslaving all Americans. This sale occurs at birth. When a baby is born in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., a birth certificate is issued, and the hospital usually requires the parents to applyContinue reading “Birth Certificate Unknown Contract”

Alsea School District (Mask Mandate)

Alsea School district is under attack, standing up for students in this quaint little down on the way to the coast with a whopping population of 234 people. This is a close nit area that will not tolerate the abuse of our kids, not to mention follow tyrannical mandates that violate our highest laws andContinue reading “Alsea School District (Mask Mandate)”


Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly Deputy Clerks and members are currently investigating multiple, violations of officials, abuses of our people, injustices being done to all that dwell on the land of Oregon. Please send us any information you have collected of proof of wrongdoing at an official capacity. With each bullet proof case tackled we areContinue reading “Evidence”

Straight Talk! Zoom Meeting Tuesday

Your voice matters! Join us Tuesday night, February 15, at 7PM on Zoom for discovery and conversation about a leviathan industry on Oregon — our health care industry — that has played a major role in our last two years of restrictions, promotions of vaccines, mask mandates, school closures, business closures and requirements, and mis-Continue reading “Straight Talk! Zoom Meeting Tuesday”

The Oregon Cover up!

ARTICLE II Section 10. Lucrative offices; holdingother offices forbidden. No person holdinga lucrative office, or appointment under theUnited States, or under this State, shall beeligible to a seat in the Legislative Assembly; nor shall any person hold more than one lucrative office at the same time, except as inthis Constitution expressly permitted; Provided, that OfficersContinue reading “The Oregon Cover up!”