“A Conversation: Mother Bears Don’t Mask Their Cubs” at 8 pm Wednesday, 8/18.

Join our recorded conversation Wednesday night 8/18 on Skype or on Free Conference Call (connection information provided here).
“Mother Bears Don’t Mask Their Cubs!”
Most, if not all of us on this call fully recognize that the issues transpiring now are distractions and diversions from the big agenda: the long-planned Georgia Guidestones globalist agenda of seculorem d’oro (a new order of the ages) and ordo ab chao (order out of chaos). Let’s call it what it is: a eugenics and transhumanism agenda. Please bring your facts and concerns to these topics to be discussed Wednesday night at 8 pm.
Issues with children wearing masks:
Physical effects:
ineffectiveness of masks
limited oxygen intake critical to healthy blood oxygenation and brain health
recirculation of carbon dioxide, bacteria & germs
frequency of mask touching and cleanliness issues
Psychological & emotional effects:
media- and culturally-induced fear
shame & blame issues; an example of social engineering
mis-placed responsibility for others’ health
historic use of masks meant as punishment
symbolic: muzzling of dogs
muzzling of free expression and interaction
muzzling of human social interactions & expressions
Learning challenges and effects:
difficult to communicate (humans see and hear others when they speak)
difficult to hear properly through mask wearers
children with learning disabilities are further compromised
fear factor and reminder of seeing others with masks: think “Twilight Zone”
normalization of un-human behavior
We here appropriately claim the truth of all of it: that FRAUD VITIATES ALL!
We are not deceived!
Mother bears don’t mask their cubs!

Skype Connection:

To use Skype for our Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly, please connect earlier in the day (in advance of the meeting) with Ron Vrooman at ron.vrooman1 as a contact address. Ron’s email if you need further assistance is ronvrooman38@gmail.com.

If you prefer to call in on Free Conference Call in lieu of using Skype, please follow the instructions below.

Free Conference Call-in number:

Dial-in number (US): (351) 888-6757,2207357#

A suggestion has been made to download the Free Conference Call app on your phone (or computer) to facilitate your inclusion, though not necessary to connect.

Online meeting ID: art8039

Join the online meeting: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/art8039

(International dial-in numbers: https://fccdl.in/i/art8039 )

For additional assistance connecting to the meeting text ‘Call Me’ to the Dial-In number above and you will be called into the conference. Message and data rates may apply.

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