Refusal of Due Process

The People of Oregon have been denied due process. In attempts of collecting information on de facto officials’ bonds, for Kate Brown, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley and Susan Bonamici and we have been denied information or proof they even have said bonds. Numerous attempts made, therefor we are taking this violation to the sheriffs of the land, to gather the information on their bonds as well as make record of this direct violation to provide publicly requested information. First Shariff to receive this information is Pat Garrett

One thought on “Refusal of Due Process

  1. Please cite the statute, or regulation that they must provide evidence of the bonds. That’s the first thing you do, study the wording. If there’s no provision for them to exempt themselves from producing on demand the bonds (or evidence, i.e. the carrier and number), then they can be charged with the violation.


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