The Oregon Cover up!

ARTICLE II Section 10. Lucrative offices; holding
other offices forbidden. No person holding
a lucrative office, or appointment under the
United States, or under this State, shall be
eligible to a seat in the Legislative Assembly;
nor shall any person hold more than one lucrative office at the same time, except as in
this Constitution expressly permitted;
Provided, that Officers in the Militia, to
which there is attached no annual salary,
and the Office of Postmaster, where the
compensation does not exceed One Hundred
Dollars per annum, shall not be deemed lucrative.

There is our fraud case here in Oregon. in 1910 we had a governor that took over for Chamberlin, when he was forced to resign for corruption. The stand ins name was Benson. Benson was secretary of state when he became the stand in governor of Oregon. During his time he went ahead and Changed our Amendment VII, without a vote, without authorization of the people and while holding two positions.

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