Birth Certificate Unknown Contract

Sovereigns’ researchers say, the government has pledged its citizenry as collateral, by selling their future earning capabilities to foreign investors, effectively enslaving all Americans. This sale occurs at birth. When a baby is born in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., a birth certificate is issued, and the hospital usually requires the parents to apply for a Social Security number and sign away rights infant. The birth certificate unilateral contract establishes, the government then must make a corporate trust in the baby’s name – a secret Treasury account – which is said to hold a million or more. By setting up this Treasury Direct Account (TDA), every newborn’s rights are split between those held by the flesh-and-blood baby and the ones assigned to his or her corporate shell account. Our very own Brandon is following this trail for questions or information reach out to him.

6 thoughts on “Birth Certificate Unknown Contract

  1. I was told by Cheryl to get ahold of you guys on my case she said, “ go to documents then print jural packet email them and tell them your story and declare you are a free living breathing woman not chattel property of the USA, inc” please confirm steps and any other info that will support efficientcy for all! Thank you!


    1. These folks are doing the right thing. HOWEVER, achieving the status of Oregonian takes a little bit more than just ‘declaring’ yourself to be one. Because unless you go through the short but vital process of taking back your “good name” (what the birth registration did), then what the corporation calling itself a ‘government’ will do is treat you still AS A ‘CITIZEN’ – a member of the corporation, with no natural, God-given Rights. Anna von Reitz and others realized this some time ago and developed a simple paperwork process – that MUST BE RECORDED ON THE PUBLIC RECORD – to reverse what the corporations did t us as babies. It costs no more than $3 to record each of 4 documents to regain your original birthright status, and other paperwork has been developed to take care of each specific man or woman’s particular situation (you have to take back ALL of your other names, for those who’ve been married more than once, for example, plus any other name you’ve used or the corporations have used).

      see as well as


  2. If you are going state something as bizarre as this, shouldnt you be providing some PROOF, WITH WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION, that any citizen can confirm, to support your position?? Anybody can say anything, but PROOF IS NEEDED.


  3. I can vouch for the truth in what he is saying. I am currently in the process of “Authentication”. This is how we get our property{which is ourselves} back from this evil system. You have to go thru a process of authenticating your birth certificate. Check out the c2k report to see how.


  4. Hi,
    I just read the article about the Birth Certificate turns a person into property.
    Yes that’s true.
    I knew that for a lot of years now.
    But Technically ONLY the mother can sign the Birth Certificate.
    A great website for this kind of information is
    stopthepirates com

    Here’s a link to stop the pirates of an article about the Matrix.

    Tons and tons of links if ya start at home page and just look around the site.


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