After action

1/6/2021 Salem I saw 6 members of the action committee working to secure more jurors. We did well our goal of 45 in the pool is close. That means a true bill soon and our Amendment VII court soon

We did discover that there is no 2nd amendment militia on Oregon. We file those papers Friday.Thanks for the blessing of the Universal Postal Union and the treaty. Just put you two cents worth into the system.

The militia groups are concerned with the defacto laws that are not in their juridiction. One must comprehend the rights and responsibilities of a Constitutional Republican form of government.

Either it is law or color of law. Ameican or 14th amendment US citizen. your choice then you need the courage of your convictions.

We were loaned a Tent which saved our day. Due to all the rain Thank you.

The State police, Sheriff and cops were out in force unlawfully threatening Americans. Remember Kent State and be careful.

We need two readers to read documents outloud while showing them on the screen cameo shot for ID or not your choice. Fast and articulate.

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4 thoughts on “After action

  1. Good evening, Ron!! I’m a resident of Albany, formerly a 45+ yr resident of Portland/RaleighHills…I’m a business/property owner in Albany & a strong proponent of a Republic… I would like to become a juror… I have lived in Oregon since I was 9 yrs old in 1959… I guess that means I’m an Oregonian..


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