Return to Original Jurisdiction this year 2023. As all of us, men, women and their progeny, have been wronged by a tyrannical code prior to 1776 — whether by stealth and deceit, or by force — we see the color of law incorporated governance since 1871 for what it is and we have a remedy.Continue reading


The premise: All of us that have been wronged by the color of law, incorporated governance applying a tyrannical Code upon us! All of us know this to be true. I am speaking to a remedy for you, as one of us, the general public the public at large comprised of men and women with their progenyContinue reading “WHATFINGER 7 FOR THE WEEK OF MONDAY, 27 MARCH 2023”

Returning to a You folks out there may recognize the thought. The last lawful act in our law system was when South Carolina withdrew, seceded from the Union. Which,is identified at that time, on the Confederation and perpetual Union’s articles. We are styled The United States of America, that is it! Anything else is notContinue reading

All power is inherent in the people We have formed a Grand jury pool and trial jury pool of Oregonians — non-US citizens –As a Grand Jury we brought forth 2 presentments for 38 de facto Prosecutors and 2 true bills against the evil doers Kate Brown, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley and Susanne Bonamici. onContinue reading

Leaving color of law and returning to a Constitutional republican form of government

An analogy of the situation in less than half a page. The water is topping the dam; the spillway for the reservoir is over the top. There is no floodgate or emergency spillway for relief.  The reservoir is huge, a giant shore line, coves, bays, inlets from creeks and rivers. Not that deep. At thisContinue reading “Leaving color of law and returning to a Constitutional republican form of government”