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You folks out there may recognize the thought. The last lawful act in our law system was when South Carolina withdrew, seceded from the Union. Which,is identified at that time, on the Confederation and perpetual Union’s articles. We are styled The United States of America, that is it! Anything else is not our lawful name. The Congress Assembled from that created group the United States creates law for the United States nothing else. That is Washington District of Columbia the military, forts, ports and needful buildings. That group when it assembles, the Constitutionally correct Congress also meets. As does the current de facto, illegal, bankrupt, Illegitimate, iteration of whatever fraudulent number and lipstick they put on that FED note, every color of law action since March 1861 is a nullity. Now think as Jefferson. Very tough assignment

A sovereign [first person singular of people not the fictional ALL CAP CORPORATE/COMMERCIAL/ADMIRALTY/EQUITY PERSON] man or woman with their children on the land and soil nullifies the ravings of a Congress. That rules only Washington District of Columbia, military, forts ports and needful buildings. Mindset if you cannot hold your mud, do not go here. Tell them at least three times no. If they do not comply demand a supervisor. Do not answer questions. Am I free to go? Am I under arrest?

I digress First we punched them very hard with a 1st amendment Petition for dress. That was about 2014 the first time. They failed. Then we formed an Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly June 2018. A Jury pool; and informed the US DOJ and 36 Sheriffs and called out each one of them.  With three good and Constitutionally lawful failures they needed to correct. Our Civilian Court of record; Grand Jury; Petitie/trial Jury; Article III one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction; Amendment VII court whose jury verdict has no appeal in law; During 2022 we lawfully, legally, Constitutionally correctly; removed the de facto State of Oregon aka STATE OF OREGON, all three branches of government.

The de jure provisional Government is in place. The USDOJ, FBI, USMS, USMC, have acquiesced several times they are undergoing quiet title, foreclosure and eviction at 1000 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, Oregon. Oregon’s de facto AG, SoS, Governor, two US Senators, 1 House Rep., 89 Legislators, ARTICLE VII (Amended) (Original) aware Judiciary including the Oregon State Bar, executive departments, commissions, boards, councils, agencies et al. with guilty verdicts of due process violations 18 USC 3571. Details of the verdict convicting them with proper jury, court and trial is published at and youtube.  As are all of our bona fides. All Sheriffs and LEOs and BAR need a proper oath to a proper Constitution. Bonding is also required.

That is the crux of the situation. A proper oath and bond, status, standing and venue or they will be removed from office. The de jure will not abide the de facto after the oaths of 2022.

de jure Constitutional republican form of government this years 2022.

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  1. This sounds too good to be true. I’m hoping we can continue along this path and eventually take back
    our country. I’m a member of the Assembly and would happily join the Marshals group, or Grand Jury.


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