ORSJA Call to action!

We are of the land, and therefore are not beholden to your Maritime Law/Courts/”Sham” Hearings and the ridiculous Oregon Revised Statutes put in place to deny Oregonians any semblance of justice and to avoid adherence to the U.S. and State of Oregon Constitution. You are operating under the ‘color of law’.

We’ve been busy!

Dave Colage is a friend of Bobby Graves.
OSJA is acting as his counsel and is inviting you to join to support and witness:
Monday, September 26, 2022; 2:30 pm
Dave Colage/Case #22CR40594/22
Presiding Judge McAlpin
Lane County Circuit Court
125 East 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR [97401]

Tina Tressel is our Quantum sister who was “dismissed” from Sweet Home school district position of 20+ years for not complying to wearing a mask/getting the jab/filling out their exemption forms, thus one of the two “charges”: “Insubordination”
OSJA is acting as her counsel and is inviting you to join to support and witness this Zoom meeting with the FDAB (Fir Dismissal Appeals Board). I believe they are nervous and that this is a landmark case that could a “Rosa Parks moment.”
Friday, September 30, 2022; 9 am-5pm (so they say)
Willamette Eagles Aerie Lodge
4090 Cherry Ave NE
Keizer, OR [97303]

If you cannot make either date, please keep all in your prayers as we are standing up for our unalienable rights as the people on Oregon and we are calling them on their fraud and their supposed authority over us as free beings of the One Creator.

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