Return to Original Jurisdiction this year 2023.

As all of us, men, women and their progeny, have been wronged by a tyrannical code prior to 1776 — whether by stealth and deceit, or by force — we see the color of law incorporated governance since 1871 for what it is and we have a remedy.

Your solution: Form your Jural Assembly with 5 or 6 flesh and blood people with their bona fides in order on each state, commonwealth or territory; form your jury pool of 45 or more; form your ARTICLE I, Section 1 social compact.

All the steps need to be taken in chronological order or done altogether in 21 days in the de jure and 30 days in the de facto to have the paperwork complete. This reclaims your original jurisdiction. The details of reclaiming your original jurisdiction of The United States of America’s Constitution are detailed, but not complicated and available at

Background: When sine die happened, the closure of the United States Congress on March 28, 1861, the Confederation and perpetual Union was broken. After that President Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus throughout the remaining states on April 27th 1861. That is when we ‘lost’ our original jurisdiction to incorporated entities. Any Congress since that date, March 28,1861, is bogus; yet on September 15, 1863, Lincoln called another [Congress] and imposed Congressionally-authorized martial law which was codified in 1871 with a de facto Constitution: wealthy European and Asian bankers and nobility who saw the people as chattel and as a way to make us wage slaves. Everything became “legal” — which is lawful with God removed — and “commercialized” with their statutes and ordinances, licensing, citations, policies and mandates.


This may be what Donald John Trump meant.

You must do it yourself. No one can do it for you. We cannot do it alone.

We MUST Step Up!! Everyone who sees the issue as clearly as we do in our Assembly must step up to join or form their own Jural Assembly now, with their own Civilian Court of record. Implementing ex parte Milligan, nullifying Martial law/Lieber code/FEMA.

Listen in on our meetings on Skype and Free Conference Call every Monday night at 7 PM, Pacific; join our National Skype chat. Ask questions. Check out our website with a listing of our instructional videos, read our documents, each signed, sealed, stamped, witnessed with proof of service. We have taken on our executive, legislative, judicial, educational and health institutions and their persons on Oregon. We are ARTICLE I, Section 1 of Oregon’s Constitution, the provisional government on Oregon. We stand strong and united for freedom, and the peace, safety and happiness for all the people on Oregon and with full faith and credit everywhere on the land and soil of The United States of America.

Our solution: On Oregon, our de jure Jural Assembly is now the provisional government and common law is the form of our Court. Once formed, our Assembly began with our jury pool, to hold Grand Juries and Article III Amendment VII Petit Jury trials involving numerous U.S., Inc., entities: the Governor, Congress, numerous Oregon institutions and their persons. We subsequently returned Oregon to a de jure republican Common Law form of government by the end of 2022. We have been helping our fellows in the de jure Common Law to stand against the de facto British Admiralty color of law form.

Our solution was to assemble and form a social compact.

We formed a jury pool.

Claimed our Civilian Court of record.

Implemented ex parte Milligan and nullified martial law/Lieber code/FEMA.

Declared ARTICLE I Section 1, the provisional government (Once they acquiesced to ARTICLE I, Section1, we were then in the driver’s seat.)

Called a Grand Jury; 

Formed our Article III one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction found in our Amendment VII court whose jury verdict has no appeal in law. Note: common law is found in Amendment VII, otherwise we have Constitutional law of The United States of America of which we are third party beneficiaries circa 1859 and Oregon’s Constitution of which we are party to circa 1859. De jure is Constitutional, common law is Amendment VII.

There must be a Claim to have a hearing and trial. We used petition for redress of grievance or oath breaker as incontrovertible evidence as they acquiesced to each issue.

We signed, sealed, stamped, witnessed and sent all our documents with proof of service and have retained and secured all original documents.

What took us since June 2018, one step at a time, your paperwork can be done all at once and accomplished in 21 days in the de jure and 30 days in the de facto with Living Testimony in the form of an Affidavit of truth witnessed by two or more people.

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