Salem-On the plaza across from our Statehouse 10AM to 1PM.

Tomorrow July 24 , 2021 will be a big day on Oregon. The Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly will take ourselves to Salem. On the plaza across from our Statehouse 10AM to 1PM, we will be carrying our message of Return Oregon to a Constitutional Republican form of government. Now, not down the road, wait 3 years. We know the key is All Power is inherent in the People. We are doing it with our jury pool. Oregonian men and women that want what we are guaranteed by The United States of America’s Constitution amd Oregon’s Constitution circa 1860. Prior to the fraud of March 1861 on the Federal United States side and November 8, 1910 on the State of Oregon’s side. All of our unalienable rights granted by our creator. We will be signing up Oregonians that are seeking remedy to the Kate Brown Salem Oligarchy. Join our jury pool. Article VII original and Article II Amendment VII, It is bright and clear all written down. We are doing lawful not legal and put forth our best effort. If we miss you in Salem find us on youtube or our Monday meeting on Skype.

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