STOP IT COLD!!! K-12 Mask Agenda Refused!

This week’s announcement that children K thru 12 must wear masks in school has sparked a movement among the People against an increasingly transparent, top-down control agenda. We will not tolerate this physical, psychological and emotional imprint on our children. We, the People of our communities and all those in it – from young to old – must address and terminate the false programming agenda of the media and the invested corporations and institutions who care less for our health, our livelihood, our children, our well-being – and certainly not our liberties! This politicized agenda must be seen for what it is and must end NOW! Our Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly, is taking swift action against those who are imposing this excessive mandate to cease and desist! We are calling our Grand Jury to vote and make a Presentment to those who knowingly wish to continue and impose these harsh and un-human restrictions on humankind and on the most precious of us – our children!

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2 thoughts on “STOP IT COLD!!! K-12 Mask Agenda Refused!

  1. I am glad to see you leading the charge against this horrific abuse against all of us John from the Pennsylvania Assembly


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